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4 Tips to Help Your Employees Stay Healthy While Working Remote

The last few months have been a time of change and transition, which has likely led to employees feeling uneasy. While it’s true that everyone copes with stressful situations differently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noted that anxiety surrounding a pandemic like COVID-19 can be overwhelming, and may cause changes in health behaviors such as eating and sleeping.

The Fitbit health coaching team has compiled these tips to help your employees stay focused and healthy:

  • Practice daily mindfulness (stretches, meditating, and breathing) techniques. Fitbit Premium provides a wealth of breathing, stretching, and meditation exercises. In times of high-volume urgency and stress, these practices at least once a day, or in small breaks throughout the day, serve to keep everyone centered and focused on more positive things, while helping to keep anxiety at-bay.
  • Keep moving and stay active. While it may appear to be counter-intuitive to some during a time of crisis, exercise and staying active is exactly what both your brain and body crave. While there are so many benefits to staying active, like weight management and healthy bones, regular exercise can truly help make individuals happier. Because of the increase in the production of our body’s endorphins (known to produce positive feelings), not only does exercise help to reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression but can actually also induce a sense or mood of cheerfulness.  

    Also, with Fitbit Premium, your employees can find thousands of preset workouts that range from 5 minutes to a full hour and vary in intensity. We encourage both you and them to take advantage and try to complete a few, at your own pace, throughout the week (“remember to follow your local government COVID-19 guidelines when exercising outside.”)
  • Stay connected. Whether by telephone, videoconference, social media or any other platform and whether they live with others or alone, staying connected with family, coworkers, friends (and the rest of society for that matter), is key to helping get through these times. To help your employees stay connected, reach out to employees on a regular basis, either for 1:1 updates and/or for virtual activities as a group.
  • Work with a Health Coach. Fitbit Health Coaches are available to work with employees not only to help them meet their personal goals, whether they be physical, emotional, professional, or all three, but also to bring emotional comfort during these difficult times. Health Coaches are trusted advisors with extensive backgrounds in nutrition, fitness, and human behavior, and are trained to help others learn to nourish their mind, body, and soul. Working alongside a Fitbit Health Coach now to help reduce any stress or anxiety surrounding this pandemic and well into the future may produce long-term results. 

    Remember to take a look at all of the tools and benefits that Fitbit Health Solutions has to offer your employees. We will get through this crisis, and we will be stronger for it; so, let’s continue to work together to induce a stronger sense of community both in our homes and workplace. 

Stay hopeful and stay safe.

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