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Help Your Employees Form Healthy Habits with Fitbit Premium

If your employees are ready to get even more from their Fitbit experience, our new health and wellness membership, Fitbit Premium, may be just the thing. Available in the Fitbit app, Premium uses a person’s unique data to deliver a more personalized experience, with actionable guidance and insights.

In a nutshell, Premium was designed to help people move more, sleep better, and eat well. It gives your employees access to a range of tools and options based on their personal fitness levels, goals, historical data, preferences, and schedule.

Premium, which is available to Fitbit Health Solutions customers through Fitbit Care, provides a full serving of guided health and fitness programs, each of which lasts between one and a few weeks, as well as advanced sleep analytics. It includes thousands of audio and video workouts, motivating challenges, and health reports.

Designed by Experts 

Fitbit developed the Premium service by leveraging insights from 10+ years of activity, exercise and sleep data, and behavior change techniques. Fitbit also collaborated with academic and medical experts from the Fitbit Advisory Panel, which includes clinical and exercise psychologists, nutrition experts, and sleep scientists.

At launch, Premium includes guided health and fitness programs aimed at helping your employees make a variety of positive improvements, including getting more sleep, waking up energized, increasing their activity, and managing nutrition.

Here’s a sampling of the guided programs:

  • Intro to Healthy Habits: A one-week program that provides a crash course on how to build healthy habits through educational information. Your employees can see how their current stats compare to their fitness goals.

  • Get More Zzz’s: This two-week program is designed to help users set and hit sleep goals and wake up with more energy. It includes relaxation tools and audio tracks (nature sounds and relaxing music) to help a person more easily unwind for bed.

  • Run Training: A three-week program, this help runners pick up the pace and includes a structured workout plan and daily tips and tricks to make the runner’s high an achievable reality.

  • Nutrition programs, including Understand Calories, Kick Your Sugar Habit, and Kick Your Salt Habit. These guided programs help people spot unwanted sodium and sugar in processed foods and make positive diet changes.

Coming Soon: Games!

Fitbit also plans to add new adaptive, collaborative, and customizable games and challenges to Premium. Those will include:

  • All for One Challenge: Friends can work together to achieve a shared, customized goal, such as 50,000 steps, 750 active minutes, or 50 miles within the timeframe specified. By working together, participants of all activity levels can stay engaged and contribute to the team’s goal, whether they’re walking around the block or training for a marathon. 

  • Custom Challenge: Go beyond steps with customized challenges for the activity and duration of choice, such as the most active minutes in five hours or the farthest distance in seven days.  

  • Get Fit Bingo: Friends and coworkers can compete on a personalized health and fitness bingo board with different activities, such as meeting a step or active minutes goal for the day or logging a workout. The bingo tiles are customized to each person’s level, so each participant gets just the right amount of challenge for them. 

Working Out and Weighing In

If your employees want to upgrade their devices, Fitbit has also released the Fitbit Versa 2,  a full-featured health and fitness smartwatch with Amazon Alexa built-in*, as well as Fitbit Aria Air ™, an affordable Bluetooth smart scale.

Learn more about Fitbit Premium and how to help your employees focus on their health with Intro to Healthy Habits.  

*Alexa not available in all countries. See


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