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My Next Step with Fitbit Health Solutions, Driving Healthy Behavior Change Across the Globe

My journey with Fitbit began more than 12 years ago, when I joined the company to set up business and operations just after the original Fitbit tracker was announced at TechCrunch50. Soon after the launch of our first product, I saw the need for broader access to health and wellness at the employer and health plan level and launched Fitbit Wellness, our entree into corporate wellness and population health management. Today, we are a company of more than 1,700 people across the globe and our Wellness business has grown and matured as well, evolving into Fitbit Health Solutions. Built off of Fitbit’s proven holistic approach to behavior change, Fitbit Health Solutions’ health and wellness solutions, inclusive of hardware, software and services, is a key part of Fitbit’s continued business transformation. Our unwavering commitment to helping people live healthier, more active lives over the past decade has made us a partner of choice for the nation’s top health plans (100+), employers (1,700+) and researchers around the world, enabling us to expand deeper into the healthcare system. I’m incredibly proud of what the business has become and excited to take the reins from Adam Pellegrini as the new SVP & General Manager of Fitbit Health Solutions. Having had the pleasure of working with Adam over the past three years co-leading Fitbit Health Solutions as COO, I’d like to wish him all the best as he moves on to pursue his next endeavor in consumer health.

It’s always exciting to take on a new leadership role, especially when you have the support of a brilliant team dedicated to working towards the company’s mission of helping people around the world achieve better health. But, it’s a particularly momentous and exciting time to be leading Fitbit Health Solutions – we drove 42 percent growth in the business in the first half of 2019 alone, setting us on track to meet our $100M 2019 revenue target. We’re expanding our offering to Fitbit Health Solutions’ partners and customers with Fitbit’s latest smartwatch (Versa 2), new Premium service and affordable smart scale (Aria Air). You may also have seen that we’re collaborating with Singapore on Live Healthy SG, a program we designed for Singapore using the full Fitbit platform, including devices, programs, guidance and insights offered through our Premium service, and one-on-one health coaching, to help the people of Singapore make meaningful improvements in their health. The partnership is a recognition of our expertise in engagement and behavior change and proof of the broad opportunity we have to help improve the health of large groups – entire nations – of people.

As the summer comes to a close, I reflect with pride on the progress the Fitbit Health Solutions team has made this year in extending our offerings to broader segments of the population and driving better health outcomes through accessibility. And I look to the future with both excitement and optimism, eager to continue and build upon the positive momentum Fitbit Health Solutions has achieved thus far. 

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