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Fitbit Health Solutions, part of Fitbit, Inc., delivers health and wellness solutions designed to increase engagement, improve health outcomes and drive positive returns for employers, health plans and health systems. Built on our market-leading and ever-evolving consumer technology, our solutions help companies, plans and providers engage more meaningfully with individuals throughout their daily lives.

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  • Providing health and wellness solutions to the market for 8 years and counting
  • 1,300 employer customers in 2016 alone
  • Over 70 of the Fortune 500 have used Fitbit as a part of their corporate wellness programs
  • Integrated into programs with some of the top US health plans including UnitedHealthcare, Anthem and Premera Blue Cross

Fitbit helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to help reach their goals. As the leading global wearables brand, Fitbit designs products and experiences that track and provide motivation for everyday health and fitness.

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Headshot of Amy McDonough

Amy McDonough


Amy McDonough is Fitbit Health Solutions’ SVP and General Manager. Previously, Amy held several strategic roles at CNET Networks, including Director of Audience and Content Development for the Community Division and Director of Strategic Partnerships. Amy has a Bachelor’s degree from Merrimack College as well as a Professional Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications from the UC Berkeley Extension program. Amy is a former marathon runner who now finds her fit by chasing her 2 young sons.

Headshot of Josh Stein

Josh Stein


Josh serves as Chief Growth Officer and has oversight of sales, business development, account management, and implementation functions within Fitbit Health Solutions. Prior to joining Fitbit, Josh held leadership positions at Progyny and WebMD Health Services where he helped drive double-digit revenue growth. Josh has a degree in Behavioral Science and Law from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and completed executive education courses at Columbia Business School. Josh lives in NJ with his wife and three daughters and finds his fit by running marathons, hiking, and playing travel soccer.

Headshot of John Moore, MD

John Moore, MD


John Moore is a physician, engineer and the Medical Director at Fitbit. He is the former CEO of Twine Health, a Cambridge based company recently acquired by Fitbit. John studied biomedical engineering and then medicine at Boston University. He left the clinical career path, determined to develop solutions to improve healthcare delivery, and earned a PhD from MIT. His research included the intersection of health psychology, learning science, and human-computer interaction, which formed the health behavior change foundation of Twine Health that is now being leveraged at Fitbit. John was recently recognized by Employee Benefits News, as one of the 2019 Digital Innovators: Transforming HR. John finds his fit with various ocean-related activities, including surfing.

Headshot of Taylor Helgren

Taylor Helgren


Taylor is the Vice President of Product Management for Fitbit Health Solutions (FHS). He leads product management and clinical operations for FHS, overseeing the development of Fitbit Care and Fitbit’s health coaching program. Prior to Fitbit, he spent time with a digital health startup, Yahoo, and McKinsey and Company.

Headshot of Mark Fritts

Mark Fritts


Mark is the Senior Director of Marketing for Fitbit Health Solutions. He is responsible for the team that builds the go-to-market planning, creative direction, and demand generation strategy. Mark has over 15 years of experience running marketing in high-tech software and hardware firms in the Bay Area. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and volunteers for the Ross Advisory Design Review Board. Mark finds his fit by chasing his son, dog, or more satisfyingly, a soccer ball around the pitch.

Headshot of Karen Romans

Karen Romans


Karen Romans is a licensed clinical social worker and serves as Fitbit Health Solutions’ Director of Clinical Operations and Customer Success. She obtained her Masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University. In addition to practicing psychotherapy, much of Karen’s career has been spent in behavioral health and chronic disease care management partnering with health systems, private payers and Medicaid. Prior to joining Fitbit, Karen was Head of Customer Success at Twine Health. Karen finds her fit through Orange Theory, spinning, yoga, and chasing squirrels with her dog Tex.