Fitbit knows how to change behavior.

Fitbit has helped people build healthy habits that change behavior and improve health for over a decade. Our products and services are built on proven behavior change science, understanding that health is very personal and change starts with an individual’s own preferences, values, and motivations.

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Foundational Behaviors

Fitbit supports an individual’s health journey by focusing on the foundational behaviors that, when changed, impact a multitude of health conditions. In combination with certain condition-specific behaviors like smoking cessation or medication adherence, the foundational behaviors include physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Biometrics Impact

These foundational health behaviors impact a multitude of biometrics. Taken together, the impact of improving one or more of these behaviors has profound impacts on overall health.

Health Outcomes

The biometrics are predictive of an individual’s overall health outcomes and quality of life.


Fitbit User Journey

Fitbit products drive the behavior change process by making the connection between personal preferences, health behaviors, biometrics, and outcomes. Our products help people identify areas of greatest motivation and break down change into small, manageable steps so they can achieve small wins that build into larger triumphs.

Fitbit devices, software and social experiences work together seamlessly around a shared user journey based on behavior change science and health coaching methodology. The Fitbit user journey provides structure and creates the link between health behaviors, biometrics and outcomes across the full spectrum of care.