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Intro to Healthy Habits: Premium One-Week Program

If your employees are ready to get even more from their Fitbit experience, now may be the time to try one of the guided programs in Fitbit Premium. Available in the Fitbit app, Premium was designed to help people move more, sleep better, and eat well. It gives your employees access to a range of tools and options based on their personal fitness levels, goals, historical data, preferences, and schedule.

Premium, which is available to Fitbit Health Solutions customers through Fitbit Care, provides several guided health and fitness programs. One of them, Intro to Healthy Habits, is a one-week program that will give your employees an idea of what guided programs with Fitbit Premium are like. 

How Intro to Healthy Habits Helps Employees Improve their Health

Intro to Healthy Habits will offer your employees guidance to improve their activity, nutrition, and sleep habits. They will learn what their data gaps are and track progress against those gaps. The program helps them see how their current stats compare to their overall activity and health goals. 

Intro to Healthy Habits delivers:

– Personalized insights. All Fitbit users get recommendations, but Premium users get personalized insights and stats to help them stay on the right track and push themselves toward their fitness objectives. 

These customized insights are a favorite feature of mine in Fitbit Premium. For example, today I woke up to a summary of my recent Activity followed by, “Awesome work staying active!” It’s like having my own personal activity coach deliver a small dose of daily motivation. 

– Advanced sleep features. The impact and importance of proper sleep on workplace efficiency has been proven time and time again. On top of the sleep score, Fitbit Premium gives you a breakdown of your sleep cycles and a visualization of your sleeping heart rate plotted against your average daytime resting heart rate.

Sweat it Out with Fitbit Premium Guided Workouts

Fitbit Premium also offers a large variety of guided video workouts, including yoga, cardio, dance, kickboxing, bodyweight, pilates, and dumbbell workouts. As someone who isn’t a huge fan of running, one of my favorite go-to workouts in the Premium line-up is, “15-Minute At-Home Cardio Workout With No Running.” 

These workouts are all accessible within the Fitbit Premium tab. You can pick your workout by length, type, calories burned, difficulty level, or body focus area (better abs, yes please!) that you want to focus on and strengthen. The variety and accessibility of the workouts will help your employees maintain those New Year’s resolutions all year long.  

Learn more about Fitbit Premium and how to help your employees focus on their health with Intro to Healthy Habits.

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