The Case for Corporate Wellness

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Business leaders recognize the burden of rising healthcare costs to their companies and their employees.

Some companies attempt to shift the financial burden to employees in high-deductible plans, but that approach doesn’t address the underlying problem of growing utilization of healthcare services due to chronic illness.

The good news? Many chronic conditions are preventable. That’s why investing in a corporate wellness program that drives healthy behavior change is good business.

If your organization is considering a corporate wellness program, or wants to improve an existing one, consider these best practices:

  • Use data to measure the program performance
  • Focus on common health conditions, such as diabetes and obesity
  • Emphasize physical activity
  • Use managers as role models
  • Communicate frequently to raise awareness about the program
  • Encourage teamwork through friendly competition

More than three-quarters (77%) of organizations have said their wellness programs have been effective in improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.