Customer Success

For almost a decade, Fitbit has provided health and wellness solutions to thousands of customers around the world. See how Fitbit Health Solutions is driving higher engagement and learn more about the benefits of our corporate wellness programs.

Emory University needed to get their workforce moving. In a post-challenge survey, 98% said they would recommend the program to other employees.

As a small, self-insured employer who needed to reduce costs, RTA Dayton’s wellness program went from a feel-good idea to a critical component of their business strategy.

Indiana University Health needed to drive engagement in their wellness program. They succeeded: 40% of their participants decreased their BMI.

South Carolina State House wanted to combat obesity. After 5 months in the program, 18% of participants were no longer considered overweight or obese.

Cisco Australia & New Zealand wanted to get employees moving and improve company culture. After their first Fitbit challenge ended, 95% of participants said they would continue to be physically active.

TransUnion sought to drive better health outcomes and improve company culture. Their global Fitbit challenge not only inspired more physical activity, but engagement and healthy competition, too.