Fitbit Care Emptional Wellbeing Series

A 5-week program lead by Fitbit health coaches

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During uncertain times, when emotions tend to run high and we’re faced with change from moment to moment, self-care may be one of the most important things to prioritize. In this 5-week series we’ll guide you through a broad range of emotional wellbeing topics to support you in navigating and adapting to change to help achieve peace of mind and a renewed sense of self-compassion.

What is the Emotional Wellbeing Series?

The Ready for Work Emotional Wellbeing series is a 5-week health-coach led program. Each week covers a different emotional wellbeing topic. Series content will be delivered via audio tracks, webinar/presentations, reading materials, Fitbit Premium content in the Fitbit app, and a 1x a week health coach open discussion via Zoom conference call.

You are free to participate in the course however is best for you. Whether you participate/complete all activities, or choose to browse is up to you.

Where do I find my password to access the Emotional Wellbeing website?

After signing up for the series, you will receive a welcome/confirmation email from Fitbit Care ( with your password to access the site.

What is Fitbit Care and do I need to join?

To make the most of your experience with this series, we recommend joining your organization’s Fitbit Care program to access all Fitbit Premium content for each week.

Do I have to participate in each week’s topic activities in chronological order?

No, you may work through the program at your own pace and are free to participate only in the topics for which you are interested. While we do encourage you to follow along week-by-week, it is not necessary in order to participate.

Is all course content available on-demand?

Once a week’s topic has been released, all content for that week (and previous weeks)is available on demand except the health coach open hours call. All readings, activities, webinars, and Premium content are available to participate in on your own time. However, the drop-in health coach open discussions are scheduled live once a week for each week’s topic. These sessions will not be available as a recording.

What are the health coach open office hours?

Each week, participants will have the opportunity to join a live, 1 hour scheduled open discussion with a health coach. These sessions will be hosted by different Fitbit health coaches and are an opportunity for everyone to engage in discussion, ask questions, and review that week’s learnings. The sessions are held via Zoom conference calling. You are not required to share your video screen or audio. Participation in these sessions is not a requirement to participate in the Emotional Wellbeing series.

While participating, please keep the following in mind:

  • If you have a question or comment to add to the discussion, please unmute yourself to speak or feel free to use the chat box.
  • If you prefer to listen in without asking questions, no problem! Please remain on mute.
  • Please avoid sharing personal health information that you do not want shared with others as this is an open discussion where other attendees will be present.
  • Our health coach would love to see you, but if you prefer to not be on camera, please ensure your video setting is turned off.
  • Any inappropriate comments or remarks may result in the removal from the office hours by a member of the Fitbit team.


Coaching Office Hours are for educational and discussion purposes only. Open office hours are not to be used for personal 1-1 health coaching or group health coaching. Fitbit Coaching Services and this Office Hour are not a medical or health care service. Although some Coaches may be licensed healthcare practitioners, they do not provide health care services. Fitbit Coaching Services and this Office Hour are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical consultation, advice, or treatment from qualified physicians. Fitbit does not endorse any specific tests, physician or medical professional, products, procedures, opinions, or any other information that may be mentioned on the Fitbit Coaching Services or this Office Hour. If you think that you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

How do I access the content?

Most content for the 5 week series can be found on this website. Once the series has started, each week’s content will be made available according to the schedule. While we do list the Fitbit Premium-specific content for each week on this site, you will need to access Premium content on the Fitbit mobile app.

How do I access my organization’s Fitbit Private Community Group?

First, you must enroll in your organization’s Fitbit Care program (please note, this is different from the 5-week Emotional Wellbeing Series). A link to enroll in your organization’s Fitbit Care program can be found on the homepage of this website. Once enrolled, visit the Fitbit app and from the bottom main menu tap Community > Groups > Closed Groups > Your Organization’s group will be listed here.

How do I use Zoom?

Check out Zoom’s video tutorials on how to get started.

What if I no longer want to participate in the series?

No problem, you are not required to complete the course content. If you’d like to stop receiving the Weekly Wellbeing emails, simply click on the opt-out option located in the footer of all Weekly Wellbeing emails.