Empower employees to make more informed decisions.

with Fitbit Care Ready for Work

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What does it mean to return to work?

As we enter the next phase of COVID-19, organizations like yours are contemplating the complexities of what it means to return to work. Will you quickly bring employees back to the workplace? Will you take a slower, more phased approach? Will you bring them back at all? No matter your plan for workplace readiness, employees will look for assurance that their health and safety is a priority, and that you have initiatives in place to support them.

Help employees navigate new routines with Fitbit Care Ready for Work. With this solution, employees can make more informed decisions about returning to the workplace with a simple daily check-in that gives employees access to key health metrics from their Fitbit devices along with exposure, symptom, and temperature logging. With Fitbit Care Ready for Work, employees also get support for their emotional wellbeing and physical health – no matter where they are – from the brand they know and trust.

Return to work with a more complete view of health.

Symptom logging is a key component to any workplace readiness solution. But early research shows that key health metrics from wearable devices have the potential to identify flu-like illness before symptoms even start. Fitbit Care’s Ready for Work solution combines key health metrics and symptom logging to provide employees with a more complete view of their health.


Employees complete a Daily Check-In each morning, which:

  • Asks about recent exposure and test results
  • Allows for quick symptom and temperature logging
  • Presents their resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and breathing rate.

Based on information gathered during the Daily Check-In, employees receive guidance to help them decide whether to go into the workplace.


Employers get a dashboard to monitor the program in real time, which can help inform workplace protocols, business continuity, and company risk profiles.

  • Enrollment & utilization trends
  • An indication as to whether there are signs of symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 in their workforce
  • In-app communications and alerts capabilities

It’s more than getting them through the door.

We may not return to a normal work environment for quite some time. And where your workers work is just one of the complexities. Employees’ wellbeing needs may be different, morale may be low, and keeping a dispersed workforce engaged and productive may be challenging. Our solution goes beyond bringing workers back to the office with a health and wellbeing experience for everyone, no matter where they are.

Help employees stay active and well at home with Fitbit Premium™

  • Guided programs & wellbeing content help employees keepmoving, eat well, sleep better and stress less
  • Includes insightful, expert content on topics such as mindfulness and sleep
  • Employees have access to hundreds of video and audio workouts anytime, all without leaving home

Provide extra emotional wellbeing support with expert guidance from Fitbit health coaches.

  1. Coaches deliver mindfulness and stress management content through engaging, bite-sized podcasts and interactive webinars
  2. Flexible programming provides something for everyone—from practicing self-compassion and gratitude to the importance of sleep—and allows for employee feedback and adjustments along the way to meet needs.
  3. Programming incorporates evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioral strategies.

Keep them connected and engaged with team challenges, adventures and games.

  1. Team challenges keep colleagues connected, no matter where they are
  2. Games and custom challenges keep employees engaged and motivated
  3. Healthy competition helps build morale and a sense of social connectedness

Supporting employees is more important than ever.

The challenges of bringing employees safely back to the workplace and supporting their ongoing health and wellbeing may feel overwhelming. But helping employees be well is more important than ever before, and we’re here to help.

Our mission at Fitbit has always been to make the world healthier. Fitbit Care Ready for Work—our workplace health and safety solution—supports your employees’ physical health, their mental and emotional wellbeing, their sense of feeling connected to one another, and their ability to make informed health decisions about whether they should come into the workplace – all critical components of what it means to be healthy and safe in today’s environment.