Introducing Fitbit Premium.

Everyone’s health and wellbeing journey is unique.

Fitbit Premium’s personalized solution uncovers information about a person’s health and wellbeing and helps connect the dots across their activity, sleep, nutrition and stress. By providing a bigger window into a person’s data, Premium empowers users with information to help them make more impactful changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

Image for An engaging membership.

An engaging membership.

Premium subscribers are more engaged than ‘free’ users with ~2x App Engagement (at week 8)*.

  • Mindfulness sessions, sleep audio and dynamic video workouts that keep users engaged in helping them improve their health and wellbeing
  • Robust content across physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness, supporting users as health goals evolve and change
Image for Motivation to do more.

Motivation to do more.

Premium games and challenges provide extra motivation to reach goals and are a fun way to drive healthy competition, camaraderie, and keep users connected with friends and family.

  • Fitbit users who participate in Premium Challenges see a 34% increase in their steps and 46% increase in their Active or Active Zone Minutes. That’s equal to about ~18 more minutes (Active or Active Zone), or ~2,773 more steps, which on average is…More than 1 additional mile!
  • Based on aggregated and anonymous Fitbit user data, March 2021

Personalized Information

In a ROC Group & Business Group on Health survey* employees shared that the second highest motivator to inspire improving one’s physical health is personalized information about a user’s specific physical health situation.

* Communication and Impact: 2021 Study of Health & Well-being Communication.

No matter where users are in their health journeys, Premium supports them across key areas of health and wellbeing, and is designed to support those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, prevent the onset of chronic conditions, or manage chronic conditions and disease.

Fitbit Premium members receive:

  • Daily personalized activity, sleep and stress scores
  • Detailed breakdowns of scores based on user data
  • Recommended steps to make improvements

Premium Membership

Empower users with a more personalized health & wellbeing experience

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Features Free Fitbit app Premium
Daily Readiness Score1 Users get a score each morning that lets them know if they’re ready to work out or need to prioritize recovery
200+ workouts Access to the full collection of video and audio workouts from Fitbit and popular brands.
Sleep Score breakdown Opportunities to improve their night with a detailed breakdown of their Sleep Score based on time asleep, Deep and REM stages and restoration stats.
Stress Management Score breakdown Dive deeper into the details of what’s driving their free Stress Management Score so they can strengthen their resilience.
200+ mindfulness sessions2 A full collection of guided audio tracks, including sessions from Calm, to help users relax their mind and wind down for sleep.
Health metrics trends for the past 90 days3 Go beyond their free stats from the past week and see a full month of trends and personal ranges across breathing rate, resting hearth rate, hearth rate variability, SpO2 and skin temperature variation.
Wellness Report Users get a downloadable PDF summary of their activity, sleep, heart rate, weight and menstrual health stats for the past month, plus their annual trends.
Premium challenges Access to special activity challenges that make reaching goals more fun.
Blood glucose trends4 Users get a closer look at their blood glucose levels with advanced analytics that display their glucose trends over the past 30 days.
Advanced skin temperature details (Sense only) Users get a deeper look at their sleeping skin temperature variation with a minute-by-minute breakdown that enhances the Sense experience.
Health and fitness stats Tracking activity, weight, sleep and nutrition with their tracker or watch and see their progress in the app.
Basic insights Users get general insights about activity, weight sleep and nutrition.
Intro fitness and wellness experiences Access to a variety of introductory programs, workouts and mindfulness sessions.

Fitbit Premium only available in select languages. Content and features subject to change. Access these services in the Fitbit app. Fitbit is only available for compatible Android and iOS devices. Internet connection required for use.
1 Daily Readiness requires a membership to Fitbit Premium. Premium content recommendations may be available in English only and not in all locales.
2 Only available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.
3 The Health Metrics dashboard and the metrics displayed in the dashboard are not available in all countries. Not intended for medical purposes. This feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes. It is intended to provide information that can help you manage your wellbeing.
4 The Blood Glucose feature is not a replacement for medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is intended to simply help you monitor and keep track of your information. You should talk to your healthcare provider for more guidance on blood glucose management. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.