Support Your Members’ Health Journey & Drive Healthy Behavior Change

Fitbit Health Solutions partners with health plans in wellness, clinical, and health plan design, taking a collaborative approach to bring the right solutions at the right time from the brand members love.

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Our Health Plan Partner approach


Give health plan members a wide range of trackers and smartwatches, challenges and guided programs, and provide health plan program administrators with software to use within rewards and incentives programs.


Provide long-term support health plan members at risk or living with a chronic condition, and address a wide range of condition areas including weight loss, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and sleep issues.

Plan Design

Provide embedded Fitbit hardware and software benefits across commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines of business.

Fitbit’s experience brings value and purpose to your members

Your health plan members already know and love the Fitbit brand. And with Fitbit Health Solutions, they get a holistic member experience, inspiration to truly change health behaviors at every level, highly personalized digital guidance and insights, and social connectedness through one of the world’s largest health and fitness communities.

A comprehensive solution for every member


Fitbit Health Solutions offer an award-winning array of activity trackers, smartwatches and smart scales, at a range of price points and styles.

Seamless Fulfillment

Our comprehensive line of devices can be ordered through a branded storefront, in bulk, or through advanced integrations.

Health Management Programs

Digital Interventions

Personalized and interactive Workouts and Guided Programs empower participants to reach their goals through All Day Motivation.’

Healthy Competition

The Fitbit experience offers challenges and games to bring people together for healthy competition, no matter their location.

Clinical Research Partnerships

Health Plans can partner with Fitbit on Clinical studies using Fitbit data and devices.

To find out more visit our research publication library:

Studies and Publications

Clock Face and App Integration

Developer platform + community, robust APIs, and one of the largest health and wellness databases to personalize the experience for your program with participants – directly on-to-the-wrist.