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Delight both patients and providers with a truly engaging, consumer-centric model that combines our powerful data with your clinical expertise to help deliver meaningful outcomes.

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We partner with health systems to support their core programs

Condition Management

Embed Fitbit’s products and services into programs focused on conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity to improve enrollment, engagement & outcomes.

Care at Home

Whether for patients being discharged from the hospital or those managing a chronic condition, offer support at home with Fitbit devices and in-app experiences.

Population Health

Better understand the health of your patient populations and help improve outcomes.


Power clinical studies with the wearable used in more clinical research than any other consumer wearable.1

Community & Rural Health

By providing access to tools and data, you can meet patients where they are - in their communities and at home.

Health Plan Solutions

Grow membership, increase retention and help reduce avoidable medical costs.

Direct to Employer Programs

Design a truly innovative and effective program capable of driving member adoption and utilization.

Employee Wellness

Support your employees’ holistic health - from emotional well-being to chronic conditions, help drive increased productivity and clinical improvement.

Individual user consent is required for Fitbit to share data with health systems and other third parties.

Meet Karen Romans, LICSW

Watch this brief introduction video to learn why Karen’s on a mission to help patients and their healthcare providers get the technology tools they need to improve health outcomes and help lower costs.

Meet Karen Romans

A brand you can trust

Fitbit is one of the world’s most well-known and beloved brands. 

  • Awareness: ⅔ say Fitbit first when asked about activity trackers/wearables
  • Relevance: Fitbit was #19 on 2019’s Prophet Brand Relevance scale, alongside brands such as Disney and Netflix.6
  • Connection: Fitbit scored 96% in the Distinctively Inspired category, which are brands that make an emotional connection and fulfill a larger purpose
  • Reach: 130M devices sold, 30M active users, 100+ countries, 39K stores, 500K+ paid Premium members

A partner in healthcare innovation

Fitbit is constantly leveraging its behavior change tools and customer feedback to continually improve upon our experiences for both patients and clinicians.

Products & Services

  • Award winning devices and in-app experiences that are easy to use on both iOS and Android devices
  • Long battery life, ranging from 5 to 8 days*, makes it easy for your members to stay connected to your Fitbit program.
  • Ability to bundle devices and weight scales
  • Seamless Fulfillment and distribution

Battery life varies across device models and with use and other factors.

Access data to support clinical decision making and assessment from one of the largest databases of validated health data in the world

  • Access to step-by-step guided programs and digital health guidance focused on stress, physical activity, nutrition and sleep health that extend the reach of the clinical team
  • Advanced heart, sleep and stress insights help individuals to better understand their patterns
  • Easy-to-read Wellness Report empowers individuals to share personalized data with their care team

Premium content and features subject to change.

1Stephen P Wright, Scott R Collier, Tyish S Brown, and Kathryn Sandberg. An analysis of how consumer physical activity monitors are used in biomedical research. FASEB Journal.
3**Based on aggregated and anonymous Fitbit user data between Jan 1, 2014 – Oct 15 2018. % of Fitbit users who weigh themselves at least once a week who lost weight in the first six months of weight tracking by having a weight loss goal.
6The 2019 Prophet Brand Relevancy Index:
7Tea Lallukka, PHD. (2014, September 1). Sleep and Sickness Absence: A Nationally Representative Register-Based Follow-Up Study. SLEEP. Retrieved 2017, from