Our Corporate Wellness Partners

We partner with leading health and corporate wellness providers, plans and systems to drive meaningful engagement and improve health outcomes for individuals. Our partnerships allow employees, plan members and patients to choose devices fit for their daily lives, driving real results.


We work directly with leading wellness providers so employers with existing programs can offer our award-winning family of trackers to employees. We handle device ordering, distribution and customer support, making program management easy for employers.


We integrate with national and regional health plans seeking to create plan designs that help reduce costs and improve the health of their members. We also integrate with health systems to increase patient engagement, reduce readmission and improve health outcomes.


We work with consultants and brokers to help them power their clients' wellness programs with our market-leading technology. Large and small client organizations benefit from Fitbit's world-class fitness trackers, software and services.

We partner with leading health and corporate wellness providers, health plans and health systems, including:

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