Better health research.

Fitbit provides tools that can help address critical challenges in health research.


design innovative protocols

Fitbit offers a range of devices including activity trackers, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, and Fitbit Aria 2 wifi smart scale. Our open API allows researchers to continuously access population health analytics being collected throughout the duration of the study.

collect objective data

The data collected with Fitbit devices helps researchers prevent biases and other measurement errors.

engage individuals

Fitbit’s brand can help recruitment by drawing participants to studies. Our devices are designed to be worn for longer periods of time versus many typical research grade devices, allowing researchers to collect data and gain insight over longer periods of time.

“Fitbit’s consumer-friendly technology provides our customers with meaningful ways to capture 24/7, real-time data so they can design innovative study protocols in ways not possible before.”

- Aaron Coleman, CEO of Fitabase

A recent study found that Fitbit devices were the most commonly used physical activity monitors used in published work.

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