Bridge the Gap

There’s a divide between people and the healthcare system.

Employers, health plans and health systems only have permission to interact with people at specific points in time. Let's bridge the gap. Fitbit's health technology has the hearts, minds and data on millions of users in our global community—and we're with them 24/7.

What Makes our Health Technology Program Different

Our solutions are built on Fitbit’s market-leading, ever-evolving consumer health technology and world-renowned brand, allowing employers, health plans, and health systems to engage more meaningfully with people throughout their daily lives.

Beloved brand.

Fitbit is one of the world’s most well-known and well-loved brands.

#15 global brand ranking on the IPG/Wharton D100 ahead of such notable brands as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Under Armour.

#1 wearable brand in the US

connected ecosystem.

Fitbit’s ecosystem lets people connect to thousands of the most popular health and fitness apps and programs.

Data connectivity into 2,000+ of the Works with Fitbit compatible apps

460 corporate wellness partners

validated data.

Fitbit has one of the largest databases of validated health data in the world.

181 billion hours of heart rate data

9 billion nights of sleep

457 billion minutes of exercise

175 trillion steps

10 million added female health tracking

broad reach.

Fitbit reaches millions of people across the globe.

93M devices sold to date, globally

Fitbit products are carried in 39,000 retail stores across 87 countries around the globe

Over 2.6M Fitbit users have connected their data to a population health platform

meaningful engagement.

Fitbit engages with people 24/7 through one of the world’s largest health and fitness social network.

Top rated health and fitness app on iOS and Android

  40K community groups created in app

2.5+ million Facebook followers, 370K Twitter followers, 640K Instagram followers