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Lindsey Hyslop

Lindsey Hyslop focuses on editorial and social media for Fitbit Health Solutions. She comes from an active upbringing, having played basketball, soccer, and volleyball through high school, and spending her free time at the gym, surfing, or playing beach volleyball with friends. As a result, Lindsey has developed a strong passion for helping others to engage in healthy and active lifestyles, especially in the workplace.

Virtual Event: HERO Forum

10/11-10/15 | ONLINE

Webinar: less than a week away! Dr. Parakh shares how he envisions Fitbit playing a part in helping people live better w/ chronic conditions. Dr. Moore discusses how the addition of Fitbit to health interventions can help enhance impact. Register today:

Webinar: Join Dr. John Moore and Dr. Kapil Parakh from Google for a conversation about Fitbit's evolution – and how the current experience helps Fitbit users connect the dots between their everyday behaviors and overall health & wellbeing.

Register today!