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Melanie McMullen

Melanie McMullen is an experienced tech journalist and founder of BaySide Media. Melanie loves writing about smart technology, including wearables, sensors, the Internet of Things, and mobile apps. She’s a competitive data geek who has tested (almost) every Stats Heavy clock face on her Fitbit Versa, which she uses to keep a watchful eye on her calorie burn and bpm while practicing yoga and biking to work. She enjoys kayaking and swimming in San Francisco bay, and she still holds the record for the fastest 100 butterfly at her university. Twitter: @BaySideMediaLLC Instagram: baysidemedia LinkedIn:


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In 2022, we made serious progress toward helping everyone in the world be healthier. Read our latest blog for highlights on research, innovation, partnerships, and global impact. Here’s to a healthy, happy new year and keeping the momentum going in 2023!