Together with Fitbit.

Supporting population health is no easy task given the unprecedented pressures and changes we faced during the pandemic. But if one thing was made clear, it’s the importance of staying healthy.

Together with Fitbit, you can help people build healthy habits across physical activity, sleep, stress management, and nutrition. By integrating Fitbit’s personalized health experience into your health interventions, you can drive better engagement and enhance their impact.


Oscar Anthony A.
Oscar Anthony A.
Fitbit Improved My Lifestyle Ever since using Fitbit, I haven't been as worried about not sleeping, and I have been motivated to exercise more. ☺I love how Fitbit tells you how well you have slept, what your pulse is like and other things that are good to know about one's own health. ☹There is more information that I wish the app could provide for free, but one has to pay for a membership with Fitbit Premium to get that info. I wish that was free.
Mike G.
Mike G.
Simply everything you need - Fitbit has it. ☺Sleep tracker, mindfulness tracker, workouts and habits. Fitbit has it all to maintain proper health ☹It's not as visually appealing as say an Apple Watch, missing some features that could make it even better.
Rebecca B.
Rebecca B.
Great Wellness Tracker ☺I love that it provides me with ways to build my good habits from everything from fitness to sleeping patterns ☹I really do not have anything negative to say about the software it is really well designed.
Balanagameena B.
Balanagameena B.
Fitbit user ☺Easy to integrate with phone. It has interesting features about sleep quality. Notifications are useful to stay active. Helps to monitor the intake of calories. Encourages with badges and provide motivation to do exercise. Also receive call, mail and message alerts when phone is somewhere inside the bag. ☹Having Bluetooth always open leads to poor security.
Gillian G.
Gillian G.
Fitbit Care Review I appreciate the Fitbit as it helps me keep track of my daily activity. Having it has made me more vigilant about my health. ☺I use the Fitbit app for free on my smartphone and also the Fitbit device. It gives me the basic information that I need. It keeps track of my activity level, heart rate, and weight. The device also keeps track of my nutritional intake and my sleep patterns. The free information that I receive from this device is all that I need at this point in my life. ☹Fitbit works better with the Fitbit device compared to my smartphone. If you want more features, you will have to pay for the premium package, which is a monthly membership.
Elwood G.
Elwood G.
Easy to use, keeps me in shape In general I am an avid user of Fitbit and have been for at least 10 years and 3+ trackers. ☺I use Fitbit at least once a day and it allows me to track my fitness levels. It is a great app. ☹It does not keep my sleep hours and I periodically have to call them to get my Inspire HR reset.
Virna J.
Virna J.
Health Tracking ☺Keeping track of my sleep, water intake, food, workouts! It is a one stop shop. ☹I do not have any cons for this program.
Paul K.
Paul K.
Fitbit Keeps Me Moving Fitbit has been a game changer for me my insurance company provided it to me for free. I am now walking 15 to 20 miles per week. L feel the difference and love using Fitbit ☺I like the ease of use for Fitbit health I mostly use it for monitoring my fitness walking reporting it to my health insurance company and taking advantage of guided meditations. Learning the app was easy and I have had zero problems with it. ☹I would like to employ more features but have not as of yet. Besides that everything seems to work well.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
The future of Health Solutions I think that information well analyzed could tell us a lot about our present a future health. This is the way ☺There are wereables. There is a lot of info. Here is one way to have everythng recorded, analyzed. It's the future of health adminitration. ☹It wold be great to get more and more info about us. Blood pressure, glucose, oxygen, etc. Everything in "the blender" could tell us a lot about our health and patterns.
Image for Fitbit Trackers  & Smartwatches

Fitbit Trackers & Smartwatches

Provide motivation, inspiration, and innovation on the wrist with a wide range of activity trackers, smartwatches and a first-of-its-kind health watch.

  • Award-winning selection of activity trackers and smartwatches available to subsidize for your population; offered through a custom storefront and shipped directly to employees
  • Tracking activity, sleep and heart rate with Fitbit devices provides daily opportunities for self-learning and can lead to positive behavior change
  • New health smarthwatch includes advanced health tracking such as stress management, heart health, SpO2, skin temperature and more*

* Skin temperature variation and SpO2 are not available in all markets. Skin temperature is only available in the Fitbit app and only displays variation. SpO2 is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any other medical purpose. It is intended to help you manage your well-being and keep track of your information.

Image for Fitbit Premium™ Membership

Fitbit Premium™ Membership

Help employees stay active and well at home with in-app workouts, guided programs, sleep and stress management tools and insights to tie them all together.

  • Customized programs help keep people moving, eating well, sleep better and stressing less
  • People can wake each day to a new workout, and can access thousands more video and audio workouts any time, all without leaving home
  • Advanced sleep tools help people better understand their sleep patterns

Drive participation & ongoing engagement

With Fitbit Care, you get a dedicated Customer Success team to help implement your program, onboard employees, and provide ongoing program evaluation and optimization. Your success team member will:

  • Collaborate to create a custom program implementation plan
  • Provide co-branded promotional and educational materials to help drive participation and ongoing engagement
  • Provide user-focused training, onboarding, and engagement best practices
  • Implement strategic plans to deliver program value
  • Maintain healthy engagement levels by identifying low utilization and providing solutions to further drive participation

Understand and optimize your program.

Fitbit Care helps you understand your population and determine where to focus efforts and investments, helping you to deliver the right interventions to the right people at the right time. Fitbit Care’s real-time reporting and analytics provide insights to help determine the efficacy of your program, so you can refine and optimize along the way.