Health Coaching 101

Health coaching is a proven solution to help individuals living with or at risk of developing chronic conditions.

But the term “health coaching” means different things to different people, because it’s delivered by a variety of professionals in a variety of ways.

The practice of consulting with and providing support for individuals as they work to improve their health is “health coaching” and sometimes done by a certified “Health Coach” (note the proper noun here). In other cases, health coaching services are provided other health professionals.

Health professionals who deliver health coaching services include:

  • Health Coaches, Dietitians, Nutritionists
  • Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Diabetes Educators
  • Primary Care Physicians, Specialist Doctors, Psychiatrists

Health coaching is delivered through a variety of business models and modes, including in-person appointments, scheduled telephonic conversations, cold-call outreach, video calling, and text messaging in a digital health coaching mobile app. Asynchronous communications like text exchanges have proven to be highly effective in driving better outcomes, because it integrates the coaching experience into daily life.